Twitter for businesses

Twitter has obvious applications for ordinary folk, as we know from its burgeoning popularity in the past twelve months. But what are the uses for businesses?

Twitter itself has now addressed itself to this question, with a new website called that explains how it is being used for marketing and customer service purposes.

The site kicks off with some nice examples:

‘When people working in the Empire State Building twittered that they were craving ice cream delivery, New York local chain Tasti D Lite was there to listen and meet their need. When electronics buyers look for good deals, the Dell Outlet Twitter account helps them save money with exclusive coupons. When Houston’s coffee drinkers decide where to get their daily dose, many choose Coffee Groundz, which lets them order via Twitter.’

It then gives tips as to how businesses can use Twitter.

cycling-in-the-alps‘For example, let’s say you work for a custom bike company. If you run a search for your brand, you may find people posting messages about how happy they are that your bike lets them ride in the French Alps-giving you a chance to share tips about cyclist-friendly cafes along their route.

‘Others may post minor equipment complaints or desired features that they would never bother to contact you about-providing you with invaluable customer feedback that you can respond to right away or use for future planning. Still others may twitter about serious problems with your bikes-letting you offer customer service that can turn around a bad situation.’

There’s a glossary of Twitter-related terms, case studies and lists of recommended books and blogs relating to Twitter marketing. It’s not just about Twitter: the site also talks about how blogging can help businesses, with tips for beginners and examples of best practice.

A thoughtful touch: marketers can download a slideshow of all the information on the site so that they can easily share it with colleagues.

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