How is a blog different from a conventional web site?

A lot of people out there are getting frustrated with their web sites.

They are too clunky; getting through them is like wading through soup and they are not fast and responsive.

Which is why people are turning to blogs. But how is a blog so different
from a conventional web site?

1 It is interactive (people can post comments, and you can reply).

2 It is typically written in a conversational voice. (It is more personal than a dry, official-sounding corporate web site).

3 It is an efficient way to alert interested reader every time something new is added, without using email. (People can use RSS to easily subscribe to blogs and they will then know if a new post has been added).

4 Blogs are typically frequently updated, which  means they can get higher in search engine results than they can with a static site.

5 Blogs can act as a form of viral marketing.

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