Facebook for your unborn baby

Facebook has announced that you can now add your unborn child to your family member status. You can also add the name of the unborn child, and a due date.

Essentially, it’s designed to stop expectant parents from creating an account for their child-to-be, which is against Facebook’s rules.

I’m not entirely sure this is the greatest idea. What if something goes wrong with the pregnancy? A changed relationship status already invites your nosier friends and family to ask about what happened – which can be painful enough. Changing your unborn baby status could well lead to some painful conversations that you’d rather not have with old acquaintances you only ever see on Facebook.

Source: Mashable

What do you think? Is this a bit of fun, or potentially upsetting?

YouTube gets even more creative

Of all the big social media sites, YouTube is probably one of the most hardest to enter if your creative skills are limited. There’s a select number who create interesting, interactive and arty videos, while the rest of us can merely observe. In fairness, there’s a large number of people that create frankly bizarre videos, but that’s all the fun of YouTube.

However, they have recently extended their creation features, to embrace those who fancy trying their hand (or mouse) at animation.

The new features, over on include Stupeflix Video Maker (for sleek slideshows), GoAnimate and Xtranormal Movie Maker (probably a name you know from various virals.)

The downside of a move like this means we’re likely to see an increase in YouTube animations that are…well, a bit rubbish really. I fear the nation’s teenagers will recreate their teenage dramas in animation form.

On the upside, we might find the next Nick Parks. Which is good, I guess.

Source: Mashable

Are you tempted to become a YouTuber now?

Angry Birds – The Movie

No mobile game has made quite as big an impact as Angry Birds. Um, apart from Nokia’s Snake in the 90s.

Its popularity has extended to soft toys, T-shirts and now a TV series. But what if it made it to the big screen?

We like to think it would look a little like this…

Are you an Angry Birds addict?

There’s a whole world in there


Gypsy Rose


The virtual world is now the real world…


ItsOpen/Twitter cartoon exhibition

We asked Robert Thompson to draw some Twitter cartoons for us.

Robert’s cartoons regularly appear in The Observer, Private Eye, The Guardian and The Spectator.

Robert came up with these. Let us know what you think. Or just pass them
onto your friends for fun.

The ItsOpen team


Stuck In the Stone Age


It’s Staring You In the Facebook


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