Starbucks and Lady Gaga team up

In what could arguably be called the perfect union, social media heavyweights Starbucks and Lady Gaga have joined forces to promote her latest album. Both icons have huge followings on Twitter and Facebook, although the audiences are fairly different. However, both parties have something to gain from the partnership, with both reaching a new audience.

From Thursday, a scavenger hunt will take place across sites like Facebook, Twitter and Foursquare (a forum which Starbucks was quick to get involved in), where fans of the eccentric star answer can look out for clues in order to win a prize. Prizes vary, but the biggest prize is special access to a Lady Gaga gig during her 2012 world tour.

The coffee chain will also be playing her music throughout their stores, and customers will be able to buy the album in store.

While collaborations between brands and celebrities are by no means a new thing, the addition of social media to the mix is less common.

Source: USA Today

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