Staff wear online pizza reviews on their T-shirts

What do you do if you are a pizza restaurant in San Francisco and you are getting bad reviews online?

Well, Pizzeria Delfina has decided to get its staff to wear t-shirts carrying bad reviews from the user review site Yelp.

What’s the strategy behind this one? Are they trying to get their customers to turn on Yelp and go there and dispute the reviews? Are they trying to show they don’t care and they are above it all? You can read more here and see an example t-shirt:

Companies cannot ignore the reviews that are appearing about them online. Now consumers have access to the tools to easily rate products and services, traditional critics in newspapers and magazines are being cut out of the loop.

Companies like Pizzeria Delfina have to join in a conversation online. Apologise honestly for any mistakes. Maybe offer free pizza to the complainers. It is  a start to acknowledge the reviews on T-shirts but that’s no substitute for a genuine conversation.

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