Skittles opens up home page to social media

250px-skittles-louisiana-2003Skittles has been changing its web site’s home page to link directly into social media platforms featuring conversations about Skittles.

First it was Twitter, then it was its Facebook page and just recently it highlighted the Skittles wikipedia entry on its home page.

This is a clever marketing move. Skittles is showcasing the conversations that its customers are having about Skittles through social media. It is a bit risky as the coverage is unedited and they started to pick up swearing when they ran the Twitter Skittles coverage live on their web site.

For Skittles and other companies to transform their businesses, they need to listen to and have direct conversations with their customers who are using social media on an on-going basis.

Plus they have to start to put the customer more at the centre of the development of their products and services. Skittles will continue to prosper if those customers using social media tools can help develop its products going forward.

This is an inspired marketing move and if Skittles takes this further and actually incorporates their customers, who are using social media, more into their business then they will see much greater dividends.

Charlene Li has an interesting view on this development.

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