Sony makes money out of Twitter

More evidence of the value big brands attach to social media comes from the recent Brand Building event hosted by Marketing Week. A speaker for Sony Vaio revealed that the company’s campaign for a special edition of its Cyber-shot camera range achieved £12.5m in revenue by using social media to extend PR coverage over nine months.

Interestingly, the brand also made over £1 million in sales from its Twitter account, suggesting that social media can be a viable sales platform as well as being used as a communications channel.

Sony head of corporate communications Nick Sharples said, “The marketing budget is now skewed to wards integrated campaigns and includes PR and social media at the inception of a marketing campaign. Even if we decide to run a big above-the-line campaign or focus on TV, we’ll apply social media amplification.”

However the consensus at the event was that social media has more value for amplifying other marketing approaches than as a stand alone activity, and that one should not expect sales to come directly as a result.

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