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Just spoken with a friendly journalist at Campaign magazine called Alasdair Reid. He wrote a piece about Twitter and advertising and quoted some large ad agencies who said you could not advertise on Twitter. But we know you can!

Just take a look at Featured Users, which is a Twitter application ad network. You will see that you can buy impressions in order to promote your profile on Twitter applications.  You can also advertise on Monitter, which aggregates real time Twitter conversations on certain topics.

Alasdair encouraged me to contact Ian Darby, who is the media editor of Campaign, with a letter for publication on the subject. I wrote to Ian who replied quickly and said he would pass my letter onto the editor. Let’s see if it gets published! Does Campaign have space for the views of small social media consultancies?

In the meantime, if there are any brands or organisations who are interested in advertising on Twitter, please get in touch! We’ll cost you a fraction of what the large agencies quoted in Campaign charge you, and we’ll be open about what exactly is possible on Twitter.

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