Twitter advertising

There has been a mixed reception to Twitter’s plan to launch advertising on its site. Ads will have the same 140-character format as ordinary tweets and, emulating Google, will be tied to search results, which means they won’t appear in users’ regular streams.

Some brands are dubious. Advertising on Twitter will feel like your social media strategy has failed, argues Paul Troy, Barclaycard’s global head of advertising and content. “I think we’ll only see lazy advertisers queuing up for this. It doesn’t feel like something leading brands will do,” he says.

There are also worries about ads appearing next to detrimental content, and the quality score algorithms will need to be powerful to stop this happening.

But considering Twitter is where so many consumers are, and how straightforward it is to target them from keywords in their profile, my guess is that a lot of brands will certainly want to try this out. Those who get in first are likely to benefit most.

How well it works will depend largely on how Twitter rolls out its advertising model, and what safeguards it puts in place to protect consumers from unwanted messages.

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