Social networks go mobile

twitterSmartphones are taking social media to a new level with applications which let you update your Facebook account while you’re on the move.

As smartphone cameras become more powerful, it is possible to record video or snap shots and upload these directly to your facebook account.

Twitter applications are growing too. On the Nokia E63, for example, you can load an application called Twibble that lets you post your status and see the updates from those that you are following.

nokia-e63Some corporate execs wonder how on earth people have the time to use social media. Time? They can do social media whenever and wherever they want to….

The opportunities for brands/organisations are muliplying by the minute. Twitter and Facebook provide real-time publishing platforms which enable you to connect better to your key audiences. For example, say someone is unable to use a cash point machine, they could contact the bank’s customer service via Twitter and get a fast response. Sounds fanciful and too futuristic perhaps. But who had really heard of Twitter six months ago?!

As the wheel of influence  turns, it is the smart companies, the canny ones, who are going to realise first how the world is changing. How different approaches are required. How different thinking is needed.

A lot of our clients are getting interested in Twitter. To begin with we are encouraging them to take a full look at what Twitter is about, look at how other companies are using the service and consider how best it can support your business objectives. Get the strategy right first before implementing.

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