Mashable enters the social media market.

Mashable is arguably the leading source when it comes to social media and web news. So it was only a matter of time before they branched out into their own social media network.

Mashable Follow was announced in response to the growing number of sources for news and information in social media. With so many stories emerging about social media and the web, Mashable Follow is designed to give users access to all the stories in a customised environment. So you only have to see what you want to.

The Mashable Follow button will sit next to the articles so you can click ‘Follow’ on an article you get and then follow all similar stories.

The exciting concept though is the Mashable Follow button which replaces the various Twitter/Facebook/LinkedIn/Digg etc share buttons that currently clog up most blog posts. The Mashable Share button will drop down and let you share the content with a number of sites at once. You can then see stats, get notifications when people comment and even earn badges.

It’s a little bit like a mashup of Digg (with the topic and people following) AddThis (for content sharing) and Foursquare (for the badges.)

It’s only in beta at the moment, so I’m still waiting for an invitation. I’m excited to try it out though, and to see what else Mashable has up their sleeves for 2011.

You can sign up for an invitation at

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