Mashable Follow opens up its beta

It’s been a busy old week for social media share buttons. First, Google unveiled their , which allows you to recommend sites through your Google profile and Google search (.com only at the moment), and then came the release of Mashable Follow in beta.

We wrote about Mashable Follow back in February, and the social media and digital world news site has now launched the service in beta.

Those of us who requested an invitation received one last week, giving us the opportunity to personalise our Mashable feed. So now when I log in, I see the topics I want to see, and follow the writers I want to. And when I want to share something I can do it with one click. All my social media sites are connected, so by hitting the new Mashable share button, I can send them all to different accounts with one click. It’s basically like a simplified Shareholic.

The ability to add badges gives users an extra incentive to share stories and connect with others. I’ll definitely be spending more time on the site if I know I’m only going to have to see the content I want to, which I can easily share.

It would be great to see the Mashable button outside Mashable in the future, as this kind of share button would be a big benefit for bloggers. I’m sure something along those lines is on the books though, as the site has plenty of developments still to come.

Have you tried Mashable Follow? What do you think?

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