How to use Paper.Li to increase your followers

Those who know about Paper.Li fall into two camps: those that love it, and those that find it highly annoying. If you haven’t come across Paper.Li yet, it’s basically a daily online newspaper put together with the best links from your Twitter feed or based on a keyword. It’s a useful way of seeing all the best content from your Twitter feed or keyword on one page, particularly if you follow a large number of people.

Like a lot of automatic tweet applications, Paper.Li tends to get up people’s noses if they come across as spammy. This is especially the case here, as the application uses the usernames of your followers in the daily tweet.

But Paper.Li can have its advantages too. From my own experiences, a lot of people are unaware the tweets are created automatically. Which means they get a little ego-boost when a link they tweeted makes it into the top story and they get a small shout out. More often than not, this results in a retweet to their followers, which can lead to an increase in followers for you.

If someone you follow isn’t already following you back, Paper.Li can be a handy way to get their attention (assuming they’ve tweeted something that made it into the daily edition.)

The keyword method of Paper.Li allows you to read posts by Twitter users you may not already be following, on your desired topic. This will not only help you expand on your Twitter following, but also encourage others to follow you back. Create a popular enough Paper.Li and others will follow it too.

If you think your followers are likely to get irritated by daily Paper.Li updates, it might be best to turn off the automatic updates. But for anyone starting up on Twitter, it’s a useful tool to help build up your followers while keeping on top of their shared content.

Have you used Paper.Li before? Do you find it useful or irritating?

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  1. Chuck Norris Says:

    I use is it all the time. I can say that it is great for getting all your info in one place and then you can send it out to other on twitter or facebook.

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