How does Evri compare to other iPad News apps?

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Just six months ago, there was only one news app for the iPad, and that was Flipboard. Now we’ve got SpringPad, Zite and Dropbox among others. So, how does Evri stand out from the competition?

It’s certainly an attractive app to use. The layout looks like a pinboard, with sub-headings above to scroll through (News, Entertainment, Sport, Business, Technology etc.) and trending subjects on the left-hand-side. The topics with the most coverage sit in the middle section, so you can catch up on the hottest news straight away.

This topic-based content is what particularly sets it apart from the competition. Rather than focussing on particular blogs and sites, it allows you to browse whole topics to give you a broader idea of what’s going on.

It doesn’t have the page turning quality of Flipboard Zite, but it’s easy to use and pleasingly relevant to the UK market. All too often, the news apps only return news from US sources, so it’s good to see a real mixture.

Like the other apps, you can connect your Facebook and Twitter accounts, so you can view incoming links and media from your accounts. You can save content to Instapaper, Read It Later and share it on Facebook, Twitter or email. Sadly, it doesn’t offer saving options for Dropbox or SpringPad.

There are a couple of other nice touches too. The related content section at the bottom makes it easy to find new content, which makes sense, as Evri was originally a ‘content discovery vehicle’. You can also save certain topics as a ‘follow’ topic. I’ve found this particularly useful, as I can ‘follow’ news on Apple, Google and social media with one click.

Overall, it’s a complementary app to the competition, rather than a game changer. I can definitely see it becoming one of my daily reads, but I’ll still use Flipboard for my Google Reader, Instagram and individual blog following.

Have you tried the Evri app? What do you think?

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