Facebook Snakes and Ladders: The Infographic

Think running a successful Facebook page is just about writing the right content? You’re only partly right.

If you want to see results from your Facebook page, good content is a factor. After all, very few people ‘like’ a personality-free page. But there are other factors to take into consideration too.

This infographic shows a game of snakes and ladders for Facebook business users. It suggests that the key to success lies in

  • Effective management of the community
  • Publishing community guidelines
  • Checking Facebook Insights to see where they can improve
  • Having a Facebook strategy
  • Posting content useful for fans
  • Deleting negative content from fans

While I agree with most of the above, I have to disagree with the last point. Unless the content is abusive, it’s often better to treat negative posts as constructive criticism to respond to. This will show other visitors that you’re ready to listen and learn from your mistakes, and not sweep it under the market.

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