Three of the best social & mail desktop apps

Got an email account? Perhaps a few? How about your social media accounts? Sometimes, it’s hard to keep track of everything going on in the social world, without suffering information overload. So it’s nice to see a new wave of desktop applications that bring together everything in one place.

Here are three of the best:

  • Digsby: Digsby looks like MSN Messenger, but gives access to all your email and social media accounts, while also allowing you to use various other messaging services. It sits unobtrusively in your toolbar, alerting you to new emails and updates.

  • Inbox2: If you’re dealing with numerous email accounts, Inbox2 will collect them in one column, and your social media accounts will be streamed alongside.

  • Zimbra: Zimbra is a collaborative desktop app that brings together emails, calenders, social media accounts and documents in one place.

What do you use to keep control of your online activities?

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