Media site strategies for the future

Faced with the rise of social media, corporate media teams can no longer rely on the idea that their key audiences will make their way to their web sites or media centres.

People are finding their own paths to news and information. They are subscribing to blogs; they are reading Twitter feeds; they are going to news-sharing sites like Digg or aggregators like IceRocket; and they will use whatever new applications grow in popularity.

Media teams should not see their sites or media centres as destinations or venues that they have to drive traffic to. They should regard themselves as services, pushing out feeds and taking their content out to where their key audiences are. They should be offering their content to relevant networks who can then distribute it further for them.

If you have a press release then you need to act like an internet paperboy and distribute it efficiently to key individuals and sites where you know they will be interested to learn more about what you have to say.

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