LinkedIn publishes the most overused words in LinkedIn profiles

LinkedIn is undoubtedly one of the best social networks for professional use. What’s more, in the current financial climate, it’s an essential tool for job seekers and those looking to recruit. Users can upload details of their CV, add further information on jobs, get recommendations from clients and share blog posts and documents through third-party applications.

But like a resume, there are certain words that creep up on a LinkedIn profile a little too often.

Wondering what words come up time and time again on LinkedIn profiles? Here are the top ten from the UK:

1.       Creative

2.       Track record

3.       Motivated

4.       Effective

5.       Extensive experience

6.       Wide range

7.       Innovative

8.       Communication skills

9.       Dynamic

10.     Problem solving

The trouble is, using a common word is a bit like using a popular keyword in your SEO activities – the competition is too high. Keep in mind what a potential employer might search for, and make sure you use those more specific words in your profile.

Interestingly, this list has changed from last year, when words like ‘motivated’, ‘extensive experience’ and ‘innovative’ topped the list. These three have now slipped down, with people placing more importance on their track record and ability to think outside the box.

Have you used any of these words in your profile? Perhaps now is the time to revamp your profile for 2012.

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