Jeff Jarvis addresses Google HQ on Google

jarvis-small_v249757376_1Jeff Jarvis, owner of the famous blog,, has brought out a new book called, We have referred to it before.

The book, which I highly recommend, is about the impact that Google is having on our thinking and our behaviour. The impact that Google is having on our society and on the world of business.

Google invited Jeff Jarvis to address people at their HQ to talk about the book. In a wide ranging discussion Jarvis talks about the impact of Google on the media and what businesses can learn from Google. Essentially he argues that businesses, like Google in a sense, are platforms and they need to develop networks around themselves. They have to help the network around them succeed.

Jarvis is fast, witty, and inspired. He’s grasped a vision of how society is changing under the influence of Google and the internet and his insights are invaluable. Spend some time with Jarvis and your view of the world changes.

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