Is a social media strategy suitable for every business?

We’re constantly bombarded with information on how to get the most out of our social media strategy, whether it’s ROI, awareness or creating a community. But is a social media strategy suitable for every business? Should your business interact on the big three: , and ?

The beauty of social media is the variety of sites and services available to fit in with your personal strategy. While Twitter and Facebook is a good fit for retail sites like that rely on a light-hearted community spirit, building merchants and security companies need something a little more serious. LinkedIn is a more appropriate service for these kinds of companies, especially for your visitors to interact on the groups or company profile page. Ecademy is also worth a look.

A blog can suit the majority of businesses, although the tone of your blog will vary depending on your product or service. In order to increase the reach of your blog, you can add your blog links to sites like StumbleUpon and Digg. Thinking outside the box, you could build your business into virtual world Second Life with a bit of clever marketing. A particularly useful option for online businesses.

A social media strategy doesn’t have to revolve around the big three, so consider what’s best for YOUR business.

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