Facebook and the Social Media Leadership Forum

Facebook is going to be presenting to members of the Social Media Leadership Forum on September 29 and everyone here at ItsOpen is really looking forward to the event.

Facebook has transformed social life. The Google model is that information, organizing the world’s information, is the most important thing. The Facebook model is quite different. It stems from the idea that humans maintain mastery over technology – people are the most important thing.

Mark Zuckerberg is an inspiring CEO  and clearly cares a lot about using Facebook to build new kinds of bridges to people. Protecting people’s sensitive data and sustaining the enthusiasm of the millions of people who
originally joined Facebook to communicate with their friends remains the consistent challenge.

Members of the forum which ItsOpen set up and runs have already started sending in their questions to Facebook. We thought we would crowd source the questions, so the Facebook team can incorporate them into the session.

Demand for the Facebook event is building – if you are part of a leading organisation (no agencies, sorry) and would like to become a member of the Social Media Leadership Forum so you can benefit from being able to participate in sessions with the likes of Facebook, please contact Simon Welsh (). Simon will be happy to help you with any questions you might have. There are still some spaces left for The Facebook event.

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