Could browsers be about to get even more social?

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A few years ago, Microsoft dominated the browser market with Internet Explorer. Nowadays, web users can also take their pick from , Mozilla’s Firefox, Safari, and Opera. Firefox in particular offers some excellent add ons, including several to enhance your social media activity and monitoring.

But until now, none of the browsers seem to have released a version with all your social media and emails built-in. has recently debated whether the big browser brands could be about to release a browser that allows you to see all your social media notifications, instant messages, status updates and emails without having to log into your accounts. It’s a hugely appealing concept, particularly for those of us who spend time flicking between various social media and bookmarking sites.

Google in particular could benefit from this kind of advancement. Their recent social media forays haven’t had the best reception, but by combining their Google services in a social browser, they could prove very tempting to the hoards of loyal Firefox and IE users.

This could all become a possibility with the release of Chrome OS, where you’ll be signed into your Google account, including Google Reader, Mail and Calender, all the time.

Facebook could also muscle in on this space, with rumours constantly floating around about the potential for a It would seem that it’s a case of when we’ll see a social browser, rather than if.

What would you like to see in a social browser?


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