Brandwatch: Ford

Switched on brands are using blogging and social media in creative ways. None more so than Ford, which having spotted the potential went out and hired social media blogger Scott Monty to manage its marketing in this area.

Monty got to work right away. The brand now has a offering cash back for student buyers, along with competitions and cash prizes. Also a page on with around 600 followers, and a Wiki presence on the online comedy Where Are the Joneses?

Monty also got the company to sponsor a test drive event for women bloggers. Smart move, says Melanie Notkin on Savvy Auntie.

Notkin says:

Sure, automotive reporters will tell Ford’s new story. And auto bloggers will too. But are they reaching women? Specifically, are they reaching women without kids? Women who don’t worry about juice-boxes spilling on the new leather seats? Women who need cars that make them feel sexy when they go out with their significant other? … Probably not.

Why is reaching women so important? Well women make 65% of the car buying decisions for the household. Reaching us is critical. Reaching those of us who don’t have children, and therefore may be more likely to buy a luxury vehicle, is pretty important too.

These women visit And as Founder and Editor, I can reach them directly. And so I will. Right now.

Enough said!


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