Ford seeks influence with 100 bloggers

There are plenty of things I  don’t like about the car industry. They are out of date and have failed to innovate. Still they are embracing social media in interesting ways. Their campaigns could inspire others to follow these patterns.

Ford is loaning its new Fiesta to  people who applied online and they are being encouraged to share their views online.

All content ie reviews etc is being aggregated.

Take a look. Ford is trying to create a groundswell of popular support for the new Fiesta. They are trying to  leverage social media to do their marketing for them. To get their customers do their marketing for them.

Engaging with bloggers is a crucial aspect of social media campaigning. We have experts who can help you identify key bloggers in your sector and help you nuture and build relations with them. Or we, together with our creative technology partners, can come up with creative campaigns to harness the power of blogging to drive support for your services and brands.

It will be interesting to see how Fiesta gets on. A lot will depend on the quality of the Fiestas people are testing out.

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