A visual history of Twitter

Considering how big a part Twitter currently plays in the media world, and in our own lives, it’s hard to believe that it’s only been around since 2006. In that time, it’s covered some of the biggest news events such as Michael Jackson’s death, Beyonce announcing her pregnancy at the VMAs and the sad loss of Steve Jobs.

Often, we hear breaking news on Twitter before it reaches the main news channels.

It’s also home to celebs like Lady Gaga, Justin Bieber, Barack Obama and Katy Perry, who use it to communicate directly with their fans.

This infographic takes us through the history of Twitter, and outlines a few key demographics. Interestingly, it would seem men and women use it differently, with men using it for work-related research and news search, and women being more likely to use it to chat with friends and post status updates. Additionally, 47% of Twitter users are parents, which doesn’t seem like a huge shock considering the constantly growing market of parent bloggers on social media sites.

Source: Wall Blog

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