Word of Mouth marketing event

If you happen to be in New York on July 20, here’s a one-day event you might like to check out. It’s called  ‘How to be great at word of mouth marketing’, run by Gaspedal.

There will be twelve seminars, on subjects such as ‘How to be awesome on Twitter and Facebook’, ‘How to work with bloggers and influencers’, and ‘How to create offline word of mouth’.

There will also be twelve case studies, including Dell’s Caroline Dietz talking about how the company revolutionised the way it engages its customers. Other brands featured will include Dominos, Estée Lauder and Makers Mark.

Finally there will be group discussions with authors on social media, including Jeanne Bliss, Douglas Atkin and Paul Gillin.

For a taster, check out this clip of Estée Lauder’s Sam Decker talking about how the company uses fan feedback to improve customer service and build trust (scroll down to find the July 1 post).

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