Waitrose joins the Social Media Leadership Forum

Waitrose has become the latest leading organisation to join the Social Media Leadership Forum.

Waitrose has just had its most successful Christmas on record, despite the Artic conditions!

As a new member, Waitrose will be able to take advantage of our exciting new year programme which includes predictions for mobile in 2011 which will provide hugely valuable insights; we also delighted to have Dell and Microsoft sharing insights into their social media philosophies, practices and experiences.

Our agendas are not shaped by sponsors and no agencies are members of the forum. It is an opportunity for leading organisations to discuss issues in private and to collaborate with one another to gain insights to help them innovate and grow successfully within the fast changing communications landscape.

If you are a leading organisation and would like to join the forum or find out more information to make sense of the fundamental shifts in how people are communicating – and to meet and share ideas with your peers – please get in touch.

You can email me direct on: . It would be great to hear from you. Thanks!!

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