US retailers benefting from social media

Despite gloomy forecasts this Christmas seems to have been good for retailers, and their grasp of social media is thought to have  something to do with that. No stats, but in the US especially analysts agree that businesses have been using it as a means to reach out to their customers, and at the same time save money on conventional advertising.  Some say just about every retailer now has a social media presence.

For instance Domino’s made Facebook, Twitter and other social media a cornerstone of its campaign to promote a revamped pizza pie. A spokesman says that the change to the product largely came about from listening to what customers said about it on social media sites, so it made sense to use the same channel as a means to promote it.

A much talked-about campaign has been Walmart’s use of both Facebook and Twitter to promote bargains, as well as developing relationships with bloggers and posting videos on YouTube. Other US examples that are being cited right now are tech goods company Best Buy, which offers a customer service channel on Twitter; Kodak, whose Facebook page enables customers to create albums and share pictures; and general retailer Target, which promotes daily deals on Twitter and Facebook and has a dedicated page on YouTube.

There’s also plenty of anecdotal evidence about the way that some consumers are benefiting from a retailer’s social media presence to learn about offers and availability. Read more here.

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