The periodic table of financial bloggers

Some of the financial companies and corporate PR teams that we meet are still sceptical about the effect of social media on financial communications.

Obviously at ItsOpen we do our best to win over these sceptics, but more often than not it is hard evidence of insightful online conversation that is needed to sway traditionalists.

I was therefore delighted this morning when told me that it recommended “The Reformed Broker” periodic table of financial bloggers.

Even if this list of 130 influential financial bloggers doesn’t interest you, this is a fascinating insight into the dynamics of social media. Alphaville, the blog run by the FT, alerted its followers on Twitter of its latest post. The post was recommending a post by an influential independent blogger who was, in turn recommending the work of a network of other bloggers.

The blogosphere is so  interconnected, stories about your company can spread far and wide. And unless you are listening and participating in these conversations you won’t get your chance to influence these online influencers.

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