The Camelot Group joins the Social Media Leadership Forum

The Camelot Group has become the latest leading organisation to join the Social Media Leadership Forum ( which is managed by ItsOpen (

The Social Media Leadership Forum is designed as a friendly place through which leading organisations can share their experiences of social media, learn from each other and gain valuable insights to help ensure their social media presence pays off.

As well as members presenting their experiences to each other, we do invite industry experts to speak with members. We also regularly collect feedback and develop the programme with members to ensure it is highly relevant and useful for them and the companies they serve.

A lot of interest is building around the next key event with Facebook in September which I am really excited about. This will enable members to investigate more about what this immensely influential social network can offer companies; the key tactics for engagement and how to ensure engagement with Facebook works to enhance brands, build awareness and boost the bottom line.

If you feel you are at risk of being left behind with social media or would like to learn more about how to use these powerful new tools to remain relevant with your stakeholders, then please get in touch with Simon () and he can provide you with all the joining information.

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