Social media – a guide to etiquette

It seems as if we’ve only just got the hang of the protocol for writing emails, when along comes social  media with a whole new range of
tricky etiquette problems: if someone follows me  on Twitter, is it rude not to follow them back? If someone  I hated at school wants to be my Facebook friend,  is it OK to decline? And  should I ask permission from my friends  before I post their picture on my blog?

Luckily, Tamar Weinberg has come along to answer some of the difficult questions with The Ultimate Social Media Handbook.

Tamar helpfully provides a list of the worst sins you can commit in Facebook (“Adding users as friends without proper introductions”), Twitter (“Following a user and then unfollowing them before they have a chance to follow back”) and blogging (“Turning a blog into a flame war against someone you don’t like.”)

Tamar concludes by saying: “Remember that social media communities are real relationships, real conversations, and as such, they should be treated like they  are real.”

It’s advice we’d all do well to heed.

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