Should you be selling through your Facebook fanpage?

With Facebook giving users ever more room for customisation on their Pages, businesses can now take advantage of the option to sell their goods through Facebook. One of the largest payment process apps for the pages is Payvment. This lets you feature your products for visitors and fans to purchase directly.

Payvment has recently announced a new export tool, allowing Etsy sellers to upload all their products up onto their chosen fanpage. The process should be a popular one considering the number of Etsy and Folksy sellers now embracing social media as a promotional tool. It’s not a bad move for Etsy too, giving them a wider customer base and an edge over similar handmade marketplaces.

Unfortunately, a lot of people are still nervous about buying online due to recent security scares, but giving customers various purchasing options will hopefully increase sales and product awareness.

While these new processes will make it even easier for you to integrate social media into your business, it could also have a damaging effect on the traffic going directly to your business or blog: if customers buy straight from the Facebook page, they’re less likely to be clicking through to your homepage.

So, does giving visitors the chance to make a quick purchase diminish the chances of them browsing further? Does it stop customers developing a more long-term relationship with your brand? Or does it solidify those relationships and help you to develop new ones?

If you’re worried about selling directly from Facebook, there’s always the option of using sites like Wishpot. This displays a gallery of your chosen products, which visitors can share with their friends on Twitter and Facebook – and buy directly from your shop.

So, will you be using Facebook’s shop front facilities? Or simply continuing to use the social media site as a portal to your own retail site

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