Obama’s social media manager comes to town

Thomas Gensemer, from the agency Blue State Digital, was responsible for managing Obama’s social media campaign. He is over here to help sprinkle some social media magic dust on  Labour’s online activities. It is interesting to hear his views on how the political parties here are getting on.

I personally think that social media could make politics in this country more interesting and relevant if the parties take risks and genuinely open up and engage in honest conversations. By-passing the traditional media – who have contributed to cynicism about politics in this country – could help. But I think the political process has to be opened up: videoing cabinet meetings;  and sharing them online; encouraging the electorate to contribute views on policies and actually feeding back to them; making politics more personal; involving online communities.

MPs could also give more insights into their constituency work, personal campaigns etc. It would be good to share more information about bills and the issues surrounding them.

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