LinkedIn finally releases a share button

It’s taken them a while, but LinkedIn has finally jumped on the bandwagon and released an official LinkedIn share button.

Following in the footsteps of Twitter, Facebook, Digg and Reddit to name a few, the social network for business has released a button that looks remarkably similar. Like the other buttons, you can add a link to your profile with one click, and see how many people have already shared it.

While it’s great to have another easy click option to share content, it does leave bloggers in something of a dilemma. With all the available buttons, which ones should they choose? Go for all of them and look cluttered? Or only a few and miss out on a sharing opportunity?

Perhaps readers and bloggers alike will rebel, and go back to using social share toolbars or tools like Shareaholic or AddThis. Or a share button could be created with a drop down menu for each social media site. At the moment Mashable has a slick-looking button, which includes share buttons for Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn and an extra drop down menu for other sharing sites. The beauty of this button is that visitors can still see how many people have shared the content.

Will you be adding the LinkedIn share button to your blog or website?

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