Insurance on Facebook

Here’s a good example of how financial services companies can take advantage of social media.

progressive insuranceProgressive is an insurance company based in Cleveland, Ohio, that has developed a following on for motorcyclists. Its page has nearly 2000 fans, and keeps them in touch with information about new bikes, as well as giving them the chance to connect with friends, post comments and upload pictures, for instance from biking events. Recent posts relate to events around Halloween.

The company also has a Facebook page to promote its charity tour of biking rallies around the country, selling roasted corn and giving the proceeds to local food banks to help needy families.

Insurance companies can be somewhat faceless and may also be viewed with suspicion. This is a brilliant way to reach out to consumers and create trust.

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One Response to “Insurance on Facebook”

  1. Conor Says:

    Really good. In Ireland, do this also. Used a 10 years free insurance draw to launch their social networking campaign whereby you had to a friend of to enter. They also post their latest blog posts on here. I agree, typically insurance firms are viewed as somewhat detached from their customers and the real world!

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