How to manage a social media-driven crisis

Social media has put the customer in charge. He or she can be heard around the globe and have an impact on institutions in an instant. In the new online environment people can find each other and coalesce around you  – or against you in seconds. Well-organised groups of customers have the same power as mass media these days.

ItsOpen was asked to provide a high profile public organisation with advice and support on how to ensure it was well prepared for managing a social media-driven crisis.

As part of this project, we shared examples of how companies had badly mishandled social media situations and thereby exacerbating their problems and ruining potentially helpful networks .

We provided strategic advice and practical tips on how the organisation should prepare in order to detect risks to its reputation, as well as how to be primed to respond effectively across social media platforms in the event of a crisis.

ItsOpen provided this individual organisation with an accessible crisis management manual to help ensure a common reference point in a time of crisis, as well as help instil best practice thinking in the culture prior to any difficult event.

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