How to create your own infographic


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We love infographics here at It’s Open, as they’re a great way to get a snapshot at an online situation, without wading through thousands of words.

In fact, the web in general loves a good infographic, and sites like Mashable and Social Media Today often feature fun infographics. So it’s worth spending some time pooling your knowledge into creating your own infographic.

Here are a few of our favourite resources for creating your own infographic: is a brand new service that lets you create infographics without the need for extensive design knowledge. At the moment you can create a Twitter infographic of your activities, and a full service should be available soon.

Creately is a tool for creating simple diagrams and graphs as a base to your inographic. Additionally, it’s collaborative so you can create an infographic as a team effort.

I love Wordle or using words to create a beautiful visual. Enter your chosen words and it’ll create a wordy visual. Even better, you can enter your blog url or Delicious username to create an infographic of your chosen content or tags.

Do you have any tools for creating infographics?

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