How sociable is your company?

We are offering a link to a fun free application on the Social Media Leadership Forum site ( which enables you to type in your company name and immediately see the level of mentions across a wide range of social media sites and networks.

It is a quick and easy way to show how companies are being discussed even though many are not even participating in social media.

So, let’s say you try out this tool and wonder what you should do next. Any company should be monitoring social media properly – there are free tools like’ how sociable’, but you need a comprehensive monitoring tool to keep in touch with what is being said about you. Then you need advice on how you act upon the information and how you use the insights.

Essentially, though, monitoring tools can help you identify which sites and networks your stakeholders are using. What are the preferred ways for them to share information? You can follow them, listen and begin to plan what would be the most effective ways for you to participate. You have to participate. Otherwise you are highly vulnerable. Companies who participate successfully can become trusted members of communities and that helps them gain online power and influence. Something that advertising cannot buy in this new brave world.

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