Groupon launches Grouspawn, a dating site with a twist

Groupon, the one day sale site that relies on ‘consumer collective‘, has launched a dating site with a twist. Grouspawn aims to ‘reward’ American users who have a ‘Groupon baby’. Groupon define this as a child whose parents used a Groupon deal on their first date together.

The site promises to give up to two college scholarship grants each year to those that qualify. In order to quality, the parents must present photographic evidence of their first date, along with evidence of their first child.

But it doesn’t just reward those who have already met and procreated through a Groupon deal. For singletons, the site offers a dating tool which allows you to search by gender and city for fellow bargain hunters. Their listing pages are already filling up with eager voucher purchasers, keen to find love with their half price dinner.

Collective-buying websites are gaining ground, with sites like Wahanda and Groupola following the example of Groupon. Which makes the dating site an interesting promotional activity based on the concept that their deals bring people together. They’ve clearly got their tongue firmly placed in their cheek, with quotes from the site like

“Disclaimer: We do not encourage you to have children simply to be awarded the Grouspawn prize. This money is for your baby and even though we probably wont be able to tell if you use it for something else, it would be wrong.”

What do you think of the website? Clever gimmick or potential cupid?

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