Groupon adds another dimension to the group-discount model

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As if huge growth (the fastest growing company in history, in fact) and market domination wasn’t enough, Groupon is now looking to launch a brand new app that allows you to find local deals close to you. Sound familiar to the current system? There’s one big difference – the deals are not one-time only. Instead, restaurants, venues and services can choose when they want to offer the deal.

Effectively, this can mean an individual can wander into town, click on the app and see which local restaurants offers the best deal. The app, named Groupon Now, gives you the option of deciding whether you’re hungry or bored, and will then give you your options. Handy for last minute decisions and the cash-light, and beneficial for both parties.

For businesses, this is a great way of filling in those times when business is slow. Offering the deal on a quiet Tuesday rather than a busy Saturday makes more sense than letting the customer choose. It’s similar in that way to basic services now, like the Tastecard that lets you get 50% off or BOGOF at restaurants during the week. This also gets around the issue that a lot of smaller businesses have when a Groupon becomes a hit but they can’t facilitate all the purchases.

The service should put it head and shoulders above the competition, like Living Social and Groupola, who currently lack the technology.

Source: Mashable

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