Five mistakes to avoid on Google+

So, you’re on Google+. Now what? There are many articles out there saying what you should be doing with it. Over on Mashable, Chris Brogan has created this quick video offering Google+ tips and advice:

So that’s a few things you should do on Google+. Now, here are five things you shouldn’t do:

  • Post the same content on Google+ as you do on Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn. At this early stage, people following you will almost certainly be in contact on other sites too. If you start double-posting, it’ll just be annoying duplication for them.
  • Dictate. At the moment, there are a group of early adopters who are determined to steer the direction of the conversation (mainly to social media topics). Google+ will only grow if it’s allowed to evolve naturally. So don’t try to force it – it’ll find its own niche, or fail trying.
  • Ignore comments. If someone has taken the time to comment on something you’ve shared, it’s basic manners to acknowledge and/or reply to it.
  • Troll people. This goes for any social media sites, obviously. The golden rule is to treat people as you’d like to be treated – then everyone’s happy.
  • Forget your Google+ profile is public: anything you put out there is available for anyone to see.

Are you on Google+? What tips would you offer a newbie?

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