Five clever uses of QR codes

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Moo, the creative business card company, has recently announced a new partnership with to create QR codes linking to a page containing all the individual’s social media and contact information. This means you’ll be able to add a QR code to your business cards, which people can scan with their smart phones to reach your information.

In fact, the partnership was inspired by a movement of Moo users incorporating the code into their designs. The company is known for listening to its community, and this is a great example of adapting to new technologies.

If you’re thinking of using QR codes in a campaign, you might like some of these ideas.

Website/Blog secret message

Qurify is a service that allows you to enter a secret message or link, and then creates it into a QR code. You can then embed the code into your website or blog, or download it to use it on other marketing material. Try recording a welcome video, then creating a QR code out of the URL.

Combine geocaching and QR codes

Geocaching is another slow burning social media trend, and it’s often used for scavenger hunts (particularly at press-related events). Combining a clue in a QR code with a geocache place is a great way of adding a techy twist to an old favourite.

Add it to packaging

If you’re selling a food or cosmetic product, you’re legally required to provide certain information on the label. However, space restrictions can sometimes limit how much you can add, so a QR code can give you more flexibility with the information you want to offer.

Print advertising

I recently spotted a poster advertising campaign for the TV show Family Guy, asking a question and giving the QR code as an answer. It’s a great way to get potential customers to go straight to your site, which means they’re a step closer to making a purchase.

What would you use a QR code for?

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