Don Tapscott speaks to the Social Media Leadership Forum

We are thrilled that Don Tapscott, author of the international bestseller, Wikinomics, is going to be speaking with members of the Social Media Leadership Forum next month.

Don Tapscott is one of the world’s leading authorities on business strategy and organizational transformation and he will be discussing his new book, MacroWikinomics, co-authored with Anthony Williams. Which is the sequel to the groundbreaking and best-selling Wikinomics, with new ideas and applications for mass collaboration.

We’re delighted to confirm that Don Tapscott will be talking to the Social Media Leadership Forum about some of the key themes in MacroWikinomics, how collaborative technologies are transforming industries and why businesses must change the way they are run.

“A masterpiece. An iconic and defining book for our time.” Mark Parker, CEO, Nike Inc

An extraordinary book…should be required reading for all who want to create positive change for institutions and organizations.” Linda Lorimer, Vice President, Yale University

This event is only open to members of the Social Media Leadership Forum. If you are interested in joining the Forum to listen and discuss issues with Don Tapscott, you can find more information about becoming a member here.

More information about Don Tapscott here.

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