Don Tapscott on the Principles for the Age of Networked Intelligence

In our conversation with Don Tapscott last week as part of The Social Media Leadership Forum -  run by ItsOpen ( – he highlighted five key principles for the age of networked intelligence that he explores in his new book,

The five key principles are:

1) Collaboration

2) Openness

3) Sharing

4) Integrity

5) Interdependence

Tapscott argued that the Internet is reweaving the fabric of society, as millions of people connect and collaborate around shared interests.

For better or worse, he said, this ‘new fabric of connectivity’ is leading to deep change in our institutions.

There is no guarantee that the changes unleased by this social connectivity will always lead to good.

But Tapscott argues that organisations who are guided by the principles of wikinomics, can harness this new force and spur social and economic innovations that will alter society for the better.

It will be an insightful exercise over the coming weeks and months to start to apply these principles to organisations  who are in the news, to see if they are following the principles of wikinomics or not.

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