Disney uses social media to inspire their latest TV campaign

Disney EarsDisney has recently announced a new social media campaign that will allow visitors to any of the Disney parks to upload picture and footage which can be used in their latest TV commercials.

Not only could their photos make it onto televised campaign, but they could also see their images projected onto Orlando’s Cinderella Castle from January.

The campaign is titled “Let the Memories Begin”, and it invites Disney visitors to upload their images and videos to DisneyParks.com. Facebook users can also upload the pictures to the Walt Disney World page.

The move is an interesting one by the entertainment giant, leaving the content to be created by its visitors. However, the company still holds the rights to moderate the images before uploading them, so they’ll probably get the Disney gloss before they make it to our television screens.

What do you think about Disney using social media for their latest advertising campaign?

Source: [TheCelebrityCafe]

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