Dell meet up

Stuart Handley, Director of Communications for Dell, will be talking to members of the collaborative Social Media Leadership Forum next Tuesday (April 5) about how Dell uses social media across the organisation, for example to improve customer service, grow the business and drive innovation.

The discussions with Dell will help members of the Social Media Leadership Forum to build up a knowledge base to help them better understand how social media can make a difference to their businesses.

Through the Social Media Leadership Forum we are aiming to create an influential community of ideas. Collaborative – shared – intelligence is more powerful than trying to do everything by yourself.

If you are a forward-looking, leading organisation and would like to join in and help your peers – sharing learnings, business stories and tips – then please get in touch. It is also a great way to put your company in the spotlight.

You can email me at: for more information. Or give me a buzz. Call: , and ask for Justin.

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