American burger joint gets innovative with FourSquare

AJ Bombers burger jointWith entering the location-based social media market, it was only a matter of time before Foursquare upped its game. One of their earliest adopters, American burger chain AJ Bombers, has taken the standard “checking in” process and used it to enhance their current menu.

The chain kicked off their campaign by offering the mayor of their store, a gentleman called Jim, a menu that only he could order from.

Seeing the popularity of this mayor bonus, the restaurant owner Joe Sorge and strategist Steffan Antonas created the Loyalty Royalty menu. The special monthly menu is put together by the three customer who had checked in the most through Foursquare over the last 30 days. Only those three Foursquare users are then allowed to order from the menu.

Finally the chain asked the three Foursquare user to pick one day a month when their chosen dish can be offered to all visitors of the chain.

The purpose of expanding the offer is to increase competition and get everyone talking. I guess that’s worked!

What do you think about the Loyalty Royalty menu from AJ Bombers? Food for thought?

Source: [SmartBlog]

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