Agencies could do better

In the past year marketing agencies have leaped aboard the rolling social media bandwagon, urging their clients to include blogs and networking sites in their marketing and advertising strategy. But are they exploiting the benefits for themselves?

Not so much, it seems.  According to a new survey most agencies are active on key sites such as Twitter, LinkedIn and Facebook but rarely use them for marketing purposes or to attract new clients.

The poll of 212 agencies by RSW/US and Second Wind found that nearly three quarters are connected to LinkedIn, two thirds to Facebook and 56% to Twitter. But most use them no more than once a month, and half never tweet at all. More than half have blogs but two thirds of these add new posts as little as once a month.

If agencies aren’t using these resources, how can they possibly advise their clients about the best way to take advantage of them?

More details and quotes here.

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2 Responses to “Agencies could do better”

  1. Tom Cooledge Says:

    Do you think it might be because they see how tricky it can be to get the balance right for their clients? Maybe it’s more like the accepted truth that a plumber will always have a leaky tap at home…the agencies are too busy offering their trade up to others that it’s difficult to keep on top of their own social media sites?

  2. rob Says:

    Yes, funny how it’s always easier to give good advice than follow it oneself!

    But it’s a bit of a mystery why agencies don’t practice what they preach. If they are too busy, then perhaps they already have enough clients. Or perhaps, knowing how slow their clients are to take advantage of networking sites and blogs for themselves, they realise that they aren’t going to pick up any new business that way.

    It’s interesting to speculate. As it happens I’m getting one or two invites to Christmas parties from marketing agencies I write about, so I might take the opportunity to ask them!

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