92% of Facebook fans recommend brands they’ve ‘liked’ to friends

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We recently wrote about the benefits of attracting and retaining social media “super-fans”. However, a new survey suggests that anyone who ‘likes’ your Facebook page may already be a “superfan”.

The survey from DDB states that 49% of page fans on Facebook are “certainly” like to recommend the brand to their friends, while 43% were slightly less sure, saying they “probably” would. Overall, that’s a total of 92% fans who would recommend the brand.

When asked why they joined a Facebook page, 75% of respondents said brand invitations or advertising encouraged them, while 59% followed a friend’s suggestion and 49% found it from their own research. Recommendation appears to be the key to growing a community, whether it’s by friends or the brand.

But a brand page must be constantly updated with interesting, relevant information for the fans in order to retain them. In fact, 36% of those polled have unsubscribed from a fan page, giving reasons like a loss of interest, statuses that appears too often and dull content. If the content is uninspiring, your fans won’t remain ‘super’ for long.

How do you keep your fans interested in your Facebook page?

Source: AdWeek

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