Barclays logo“For a company operating across more than 50 countries, with 42 million customers, social media present both a major opportunity for greater engagement and customer warmth and a threat to be managed. It’s Open has provided invaluable insight and assistance as we work to deal with this new and challenging field.”
Alistair Smith
Head of Media Relations

Siemens logo“As a global marketing team we really want to use all the avenues that we
can to influence and inform both our existing and prospective customers.
Six months ago we hadn’t even heard of web 2.0,but we knew that trends
were moving quickly and as a provider of technology we were acutely aware
that we needed to inform ourselves of exactly what those trends are and
how we were able to utilise them in our business environment.
We commissioned ItsOpen to run a day long workshop on web 2.0, we invited
key influencers within our organisation. The day was an enormous success,
I’m normally sceptical (as are many of my colleagues) about training days
and workshops because they normally tend to be tedious, not relevant and a
waste of time.

“ Every attendee spoke very vocally about how the day was captivating and how ItsOpen had made the content very relevant for our industry – never have I before been to a workshop where I haven’t clock watched and drifted off – praise indeed. Every presenter brought new ideas and really interesting content to the table- they are obviously experts in the field and we are now planning a follow up session to plan what elements of web 2.0 we can implement within Siemens Enterprise Communications. This is something that every organisation should be looking into now to ensure they are ahead of the game.”
Gail Lyon
Global Marketing Program Manager
Siemens Enterprise Communications